• Ideal for mid to long distance haulage or heavy duty short radius
  • Available in 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and 4x4 configurations
  • 286-326 HP
  • GVM 16,000 - 26,000 kg
  • GCM 36,000 kg
  • Comes standard with S-cab (day cab) with choice of 3 other cabs


The Mercedes Benz Axor is designed to reduce the trucks unladen weight and optimize payload, resulting in producing the perfect all-rounder truck; whether its mid-to-long-distance haulage or heavy-duty short radius distribution.

The Axor’s high-torque 6-cylinder in-line engines and optional lightweight components ensure the Axor delivers on and off the road with its power and cost-effectiveness.

The Axor parallel frame has an extremely high load-bearing capacity and no surplus weight, providing you with outstanding payload benefits. The versatile design makes it easy to add body attachments and add-on components, such as extra fuel tanks.

Three suspension variants are offered in the Axor, and no matter your application is, all variants will provide your truck with excellent roll resistance and ride stability, precision road holding, a comfortable ride and maximum traction.

Features include:

  • reliable and economical BlueTec® engines
  • Mercedes PowerShift 2 automatic gearshift
  • Powertrain configurations perfectly aligned with individual haulage tasks
  • ergonomically designed workplace with new luxury bed in the lower sleeping area
  • optimised steering system
  • enhanced instrument cluster
  • rain/light sensors


Model Configuration Model HP GVM(kg) GCM(kg) Download Specs


Configuration4x2 with air suspension Model1833L HP326GVM (kg)16,000-18,000 GCM (kg)36,000 Download Specs


Configuration6x2 with air suspension Model2533LHP326 GVM (kg)26,000 GCM (kg)36,000 Download Specs


Configuration6x4 with air suspension Model2633



GVM (kg)26,000 GCM (kg)36,000 Download Specs

Prime Mover

Model Configuration Model HP GVM(kg) GCM(kg) Download Specs

Prime Mover

Configuration4x2 with air suspension Model1833LS HP326GVM (kg)26,000 GCM(kg)36,000 Download Specs

Prime Mover

Configuration4x4 all wheel drive Model1833AHP326 GVM (kg)18,000
(16,000 optional)
GCM(kg)36,000 Download Specs


The Mercedes Benz Axor comes standard with the S-cab – a compact day cab with lightweight materials for better payload, roomy on the inside.

Features include:

  • Aerodynamic front bumper
  • Cabin access via 3 stairs
  • Windows in rear cabin wall
  • External sun visor
  • Remote central locking
  • Stereo CD player with Bluetooth
  • Hard wearing cloth and velour fabric seat
  • Driver’s airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner (not off-road vehicles)
  • Optional centre seat

Axor cab options:

S-Cab with rear panel

Specially designed for minimised cab space to maximise payload.

  • three piece steel front
  • swinging bottom step with steel bumper
  • windows in cab rear wall
  • rain sensor and automatic driving lights
  • stereo CD player with Bluetooth connectivity
  • compressed air gun in cabin
  • driver's airbag and seatbelt pre-tensioner (not with off-road vehicles)

S-cab with rear panel extension

An S-cab variant with rear panel extension provides 180 mm more room at the rear of the cab. This greatly enhances the driver’s sense of space, there’s more room to move and it offers additional stowage options.


Ideally suited for prime-movers and long-haul with luxury bed and plenty of storage:

  • Aerodynamic front bumper
  • cab access via 3 stairs
  • extended rear cab wall
  • remote central locking
  • electric sunroof
  • storage lockers on both sides
  • electric cab tilt pump
  • rain sensor and automatic driving lights
  • luxury bed with compartment draw underneath
  • storage compartments above windscreen
  • driver's side sunblind
  • wood-grain dash
  • low roof option available

L-cab with low roof

The low roof option in the L-Cab is particularly well-suited to applications which call for both generous cab space and room above the cab roof for attachments, e.g. a refrigeration unit or loading crane.

L-Cab with raised roof

The raised roof option in the L-cab offers impressive standing room. The standard lower bed is 68.5 cm wide and can be teamed with a 70 cm wide luxury upper bed, available as an option. A seat bunk combination can also be offered that incorporates a double bunk arrangement that can be folded into a bench seat with 4 seatbelt's providing the cab with seating for up to 6 people.


Mercedes Benz Trucks continue to lead with safety standards in the industry, and the Axor is packed with features to keep you safe.

Features include:

Crash tested cab (in accordance with European ECE R29 standard)

Air-sprung driver’s suspension seat with integral 3-point seat belt

An airbag in conjunction with belt tensioner

Wide angle heated exterior mirrors

Non-slip steps up to the cab

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